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So Nanners is in Egypt

and now "good luck with that in your senior year" Biden is on his way too.


Didn't the Obama/Biden admin go out of their way to "assist" Egypt in emptying their prisons of the MB pre Benghazi days? And now the tying of the aid money to the release of another prisoner.

What strange things are going on in the land of the "Pharaohs"?

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Years of service in USMC - 3

Rank - CPL


all contracts initially for 8 years whether all active/reserve etc?

Wonder if there's something else in there only a handful might know.


And to you jarheads out there…love ya…no homo…

Happy Belated Birthday

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Moustafa was born and raised in Damascus, Syria before moving to the United States as a teenager. He earned a degree in political science from the University of Central Arkansas and went on to spend four and a half years working in Congress as a staffer for U.S. Congressman Vic Snyder and for U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln. mouaz left the Hill to work briefly with the U.S.-based branch of Egypt's opposition party at the onset of their revolution. mouaz then transitioned to working with leaders of the Libyan revolution as the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America and Political Director of the Libyan Emergency Task Force. In 2011, the wave of Arab Spring revolutions reached his native Syria and the conflict quickly turned violent. mouaz sprang into action, helping a group of his fellow Syrian-Americans to launch the Syrian Emergency Task Force.