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The Biden Administration Reveals That It Provides Concierge Services to Illegal Aliens, Covers Up the Cost Paid by American Taxpayers


A FOIA filed by America First Legal (AFL) reveal ( the Biden Administration has a DHS contract with Family Endeavors, Inc., to provide housing and services for illegal aliens.


The contract required the Biden Administration provide the following to illegals:


📌Rooms in Hampton Inns, Best Western, Comfort Suites, and Holiday Inn Express hotels

📌Meat at every meal

📌Room service at every meal

📌24-hour access to drinks & snacks

📌Babysitters to watch their children

📌Television in English and Spanish

📌Laundry services

📌A choice of one 4” or two 3” mattresses for their beds.

📌Illegal immigrants will never be referred to as “detainees” or “aliens”

📌No measures will be taken to stop them from simply walking away and disappearing into the United States

📌Unfettered access to lawyers.