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Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:23:24

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Young Kin (now that’s an interesting take. Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?) in Virginia couldn’t have won without me. I Endorsed him, did a very big Trump Rally for him telephonically, got MAGA to Vote for him - or he couldn’t have come close to winning. But he knows that, and admits it. Besides, having a hard time with the Dems in Virginia - But he’ll get it done!

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Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:27:22

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Townhall / @Townhall

11/10/2022 21:19:01

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Swalwell Says It's 'So Stupid' For Parents To Have A Say In Their Child's Education

No, he wants his lover spy to make those decisions. A real LOSER!


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'''Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:39:36

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Townhall / @Townhall

11/10/2022 16:48:01

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There's Been Yet Another Delay For Arizona Election Results

These people are incompetent corrupt. Their finding some very strange ballots? Be careful, we MUST PROTECT KARI & BLAKE! #2020


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'''Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:44:35

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WE WON! Pelosi is gone, we take Congress and, if we can stop their very obvious CHEATING, will also take the Senate. Big Victory, don’t be stupid. Stand on the rooftops and shout it out loud!

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Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:50:36

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Bongino Report / @BonginoReport

11/10/2022 12:04:33

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MSNBC Pitches Eventual John Fetterman Presidential Run

What a great idea for our country. I’m sure he’d be great on the Border, on Crime, and a really sharp negotiator against the new President for Life in China!!!


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Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump

11/11/2022 07:52:22

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Bongino Report / @BonginoReport

11/09/2022 11:29:53

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Report: Biden's Reversal of Trump-Era Deregulation Has Cost Economy $309 Billion

…And that’s the least of it!