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>>17786040 lb

that picture (used in several stories including one from the Gateway Pundit from 2 days ago link below) about Brazil was taken on Sept 7th-Independence Day (from Portugal) it's 200th anniversary of Independence from Portugal.

Yandex RI search


When did Brazil gain independence from Portugal?

September 7, 1822

The Empire and the Republic With the fall of Napoléon, Dom João VI returned to Portugal, leaving his young son, Pedro I, behind to govern. But Pedro had ideas of his own: he proclaimed Brazil’s independence on September 7, 1822, and established the Brazilian empire.


Brazil's independence from Portugal was proclaimed on Sept. 7, 1822 by the son of King João VI of Bragança, Dom Pedro I, who had arrived with his family on the Brazilian coast in 1808, fleeing the Napoleonic armies advancing on Europe


I'm sure there are protests habbening but that picture is not from them

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LA Port Traffic Down Sharply in October


The expansion to the Panama Canal was completed in 2016, and some of the traffic that used the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is probably going through the canal. This might be impacting TEUs on the West Coast.


Container traffic gives us an idea about the volume of goods being exported and imported - and usually some hints about the trade report since LA area ports handle about 40% of the nation's container port traffic. are for inbound and outbound traffic at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in TEUs (TEUs: 20-foot equivalent units or 20-foot-long cargo container). To remove the strong seasonal component for inbound traffic, the first cap shows the rolling 12-month average. On a rolling 12-month basis, inbound traffic decreased 2.2% in October compared to the rolling 12 months ending in September. Outbound traffic decreased 0.4% compared to the rolling 12 months ending the previous month. Usually imports peak in the July to October period as retailers import goods for the Christmas holiday, and then decline sharply and bottom in February or March depending on the timing of the Chinese New Year.


Imports were down 26% YoY in October, and exports were down 5% YoY. It is possible that exports have bottomed after declining for several years (even prior to the pandemic).

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PF CONUS/Canada Activity: SPAR17C-40C departed JBA NE-arrived from Scott AFB, IL as SPAR12 yesterday, Swiss AF SUI008 Falcon 900 on ground at Halifax with Polish AF PLF105 G5 heading to same-Canadaian AF CFC3090 CL-60 departed same and heading to Quebec

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BOXER29 C-40C departed Atlanta Int'l NE after arriving on August 29th, '22-was switched on once Nov 5th and then today's depart to JBA-RCH4197 C-17 departed from Quantico and heading south-moar equipment for 'visits'


SPAR17also went to Halifax

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Nord Stream leaks confirmed as sabotage, Sweden says

Investigators have found traces of explosives at the site of the damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines, confirming sabotage had taken place, a Swedish prosecutor said on Friday.


Swedish and Danish authorities are investigating four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines which link Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea and have become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis as gas supplies in Europe run short.


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Existing-Home Sales Slumped 5.9% in October


Existing-home sales faded for the ninth month in a row to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.43 million. Sales fell 5.9% from September and 28.4% from one year ago. The median existing-home sales price rose to $379,100, an increase of 6.6% from the previous year. The inventory of unsold existing homes slipped for the third consecutive month to 1.22 million at the end of October, or the equivalent of 3.3 months' supply at the current monthly sales pace. Properties typically remained on the market for 21 days in October, up from 19 days in September and 18 days in October 2021. Sixty-four percent of homes sold in October 2022 were on the market for less than a month.


First-time buyers were responsible for 28% of sales in October, down from 29% in both September 2022 and October 2021. NAR's 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers – released earlier this month4 – found that the annual share of first-time buyers was 26%, the lowest since NAR began tracking the data. All-cash sales accounted for 26% of transactions in October, up from 22% in September and 24% in October 2021. Distressed sales5 – foreclosures and short sales – represented 1% of sales in October, down from 2% in September and identical to October 2021.


According to Freddie Mac, the average commitment rate(link is external) for a 30-year, conventional, fixed-rate mortgage was 6.90% in October, up from 6.11% in September. The average commitment rate across all of 2021 was 2.96%. "Mortgage rates have come down since peaking in mid-November,(barely) so home sales may be close to reaching the bottom in the current housing cycle," Yun said.


FOMC still on track to do 50bp-it has dropped a little (about 4% points) but still solidly at 50bp

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Masayoshi Son owes $4.7bn to SoftBank following tech rout


Masayoshi Son personally owes SoftBank close to $5bn because of growing losses on the Japanese conglomerate's technology bets, which have also rendered the value of his stake in the group's second Vision Fund worthless.


The billionaire's ballooning personal liabilities, discovered through a Financial Times analysis of SoftBank's recent filings, comes as the world's biggest tech investor was hammered by plunging tech stocks and valuations in private companies over the past year. The 65-year-old chief executive and founder of SoftBank last week said he would step back from running day-to-day operations at the group. His main focus, he said, would be on the company's British chip subsidiary Arm, after the technology conglomerate posted quarterly investment losses of $10bn. The widening losses in SoftBank's various investment vehicles have also added billions of dollars to the tab that Son owes the group in relation to its technology bets. This is because SoftBank fronted him the money to invest in its technology-related funds, which he is under no obligation to repay for many years.


The value of Son's 17.25% stake in SoftBank's $56bn second Vision Fund was also wiped out entirely by the end of September, having been valued at $682mn during the previous quarter. His stake in the investment vehicle climbed as high as $2.8bn at the end of 2021, when heady valuations for start-ups enabled SoftBank to sell shares in public listings of portfolio companies such as WeWork and AutoStore. SoftBank has not yet collected $2.8bn that Son owes in relation to his stake in the fund. Previously, SoftBank netted off the value of his equity from the amount he owed the group, meaning at the end of 2021 this stood at just $4mn. Son also owes SoftBank $669mn under a similar arrangement on its Latin American fund, which has backed start-ups across the continent, although this is reduced to $252mn when his equity value in the fund is taken into account.


The total amount the Japanese executive owes his company is now at $4.7bn, when losses in the group's shortlived internal hedge fund SB Northstar are also taken into account, SoftBank confirmed to the FT. Son's growing liabilities to his own company have emerged as SoftBank shareholders have questioned its decision to sharply accelerate the pace of share buybacks in recent weeks, which pushed its share price to a 12-month high earlier this month and left its stock buoyant despite the heavy losses at its Vision Funds. Son has to personally cover a third of the losses in Northstar, which earned notoriety for carrying out the "Nasdaq whale" trades in US technology stocks in 2020. The stock-trading unit's total investment losses grew to nearly $6bn at the end of September as the group continued to liquidate its investments.

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PF Housekeeping


N108PB (as EJM473) G950 back at Palm Beach Int'l from Morristown Muni depart yesterday-used by 45 in the past for rallies and subsequently for legal team and family