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In reaction to your image, "You've never seen people fleeing from capitalism to seek a better future in a socialist state" – well, the reality is complicated. I fled from a hyper-financialized capitalist community with no public health care to a slightly less financial community that focuses on industrial production of real goods, but also provides health care. To my mind, real capitalism is what happens in the factories and farms on Main Street, whereas financial trickery is what happens on Wall Street. So I have a better life now, and you can say it's because of capitalism funding the public health care that I need. Okay, fine, so if the USA is so capitalist, why isn't the USA producing more Henry Fords and Thomas Edisons?


I like what capitalism is supposed to be about – a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, individual initiative, constructive use of our talents to create real value. I just get suspicious of people who tell me that rich people are capitalists. Is Elon Musk really a capitalist, or is he a guy born into a family of emerald miners who is clever at surviving among the sharks of modern finance? I like capitalism if it truly does give the poor man a chance to better his condition and raise himself up by honest labor. That part sounds good. I'm just not sure that we really have capitalism. Maybe we are operating under crony capitalism that just resembles capitalism superficially.