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Midterm results: Adam Frisch concedes

to GOP firebrand Lauren Boebert in Colorado's

3rd District


Washington Examiner, by Cami Mondeaux


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Posted By: NorthernDog, 11/18/2022 2:16:13 PM


Democrat Adam Frisch has conceded to Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in what shaped up to be a surprisingly competitive race in an otherwise blue district that was likely to head into a runoff. (Snip) “The voters have spoken and while we show great progress, I remain down by a few hundred votes. This small margin triggers an automatic recount in Colorado’s election system,” Frisch said. “We are not asking for this recount … The likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is very small. Very very small. It would be disingenuous and

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Early-Vote Malignancy Metastasized in

Midterm Elections


American Spectator, by Deroy Murdock


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Posted By: sagman, 11/18/2022 1:40:01 PM


he cancer of early voting tightened its deadly grip on the American body politic in last week’s midterm elections. This is yet another destructive outcome of Nov. 8. The mad rush toward early voting accelerated thanks to another disease: COVID-19. Like so many things wrong in America today, COVID lurks just beneath the surface. Because voting in person was “too dangerous,” opportunistic Democrat lawyers sued like ambulance chasers in 2020 to widen and deepen early voting beyond its earlier, lower profile. This year, with COVID in the rear-view mirror, 2020’s “emergency” measure has become the new normal. The Democrats’ ever-leftward ratchet mechanism always works this way.

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Election Over, Washington Post Quietly

Reports Construct of FBI Top Secret Narrative

Around Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Was False


Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance


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Posted By: earlybird, 11/18/2022 12:02:42 PM


Go figure. If you read between the lines of the Washington Post’s current description of the “classified” documents, as noted by anonymous federal officials connected to the investigation, the ‘classified‘ documents in context were personal correspondence between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un about the need to chill out on the nuclear stuff. President Trump considered these types of papers personal mementos, while the administrative state -seeking to weaponize the DOJ/FBI for maximum political damage and narrative engineering- considered them top secret national security documents. The election is over, so the narrative is no longer needed. Narrative dropped… (Via WaPo) – Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president

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Evening News Spends Only 11 Seconds on

Warnock Child Support Scandal


Newsbusters, by Geoffrey Dickens


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Posted By: Imright, 11/18/2022 10:42:03 AM


The double-standard is atrocious. The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) evening newscasts have almost completely buried Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock’s child support scandal, spending only 11 seconds on it since September 1. In stark contrast, the network evening newscasts (September 1 - November 16) flooded their airwaves (36 minutes, 21 seconds) with stories of women accusing his GOP opponent Herschel Walker of paying for abortions. That’s almost 200 times more coverage to the Walker story than the Warnock scandal.

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Konnech CEO linked foundation flew Harvard's Charles Lieber to China


Eugene Yu was an “officer” on the “finance committee” of the American Zhu Kezhen Education Foundation, which awarded Dr. Charles Lieber an all-expenses paid trip to Zhejiang University in 2002.



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Why are livestock mysteriously dying across the country? Paranormal investigator Chris O’Brien shared his findings for Tucker Originals, but joins us for an in-depth interview streaming exclusively on Fox Nation.


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UPDATE: Far Left Brazilian Supreme Court Orders Banks to Block Funds of Businessmen Who Supported the Protesters in Mass Democracy Rallies – PROTESTERS STAND STRONG!

By Jim Hoft

Published November 17, 2022 at 8:45pm

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QAnon 'Not Going Away Anytime Soon' Despite Poor Midterms Performance

By Anders Anglesey On 11/16/22 at 4:30 AM EST

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'Widespread' ballot fraud uncovered in Pennsylvania.