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Thanks to the ANON who posted the link to the CISA Dir stating on 11/09/2022, in part, that no records had been deleted in th3 2022 election.


I had been tracking voter-by-voter records starting from 6 a.m. on 10/11/2022 (first day of early voting in my state) being deleted.


Initially it started out the only ELECTRONIC requests for absentee ballot were being deleted IF another request came had already come in. These electronic requests were rejected at being duplicate requests. Normal. But what wasn't normal was "someone" coming along afterward and deleting the electronic (request via internet). That was something NEW in 2022. OK, no ballot issued, just kept monitoring.


Then on Oct 26, 32 the records of 32 voters who had MAILED in a request for an absentee ballot; which was accepted, and the voter was MAILED AN ABSENTEE BALLOT, were deleted.


The county certification could not have been correct.


It's like trying to balance a checkbook and reconciling it to a bank statement, but forgetting to list 32 checks. OK? It's that friggin' simple.


YET - CISA can't figure that all and states nothing deleted.



Denial is confirmation?