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>>17787831 lb

You can use this curiously created bunker thread to brainstorm if you wish, anon

But only if you're not a glow nigger

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>What’s going on is nobody has the courage to unify and stand up. The people in power positions are totally corrupted bought and paid for or threatened. No cops or military are willing to risk their jobs. No anon does anything in the real world just does like you do and wonders why nobody will do anything. Nobody believes they can do anything. The people who do do so online only and are censored. And anybody who make movements is probably executed. The government has been usurped by criminals and people who have a brain a terrified of acting against it. And people with less of a brain don’t know that they are stupefied and afraid and that’s why they whine online. It lets them feel like they are doing something without taking any real risk.