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Hunter Biden's daughter Naomi and fiance Peter Neal wanted to have a 'private' wedding, White House says amid mounting questions on why press has been barred - as President's granddaughter Maisy and guests get ready for big day

  • Preparations are underway for Naomi Biden and Peter Neal's wedding on Saturday on the South Lawn

  • White House said they want to have a 'private wedding'

  • No press coverage allowed even though previous family weddings at White House allowed photos and video to be taken

  • 'They want it to be private, and we're going to respect their wishes,' press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said

  • Ceremony is at 11 am and there will be an evening reception at the White House

  • Maisy Biden got her dress delivered on Thursday and left a note for the delivery man on her front door

  • South Lawn is getting set up with delivery trucks on driveway

  • Chairs being lined up, flowers being hung on South Portico

  • Naomi, the daughter of Hunter Biden and his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, got engaged to Peter last year

  • White House has a long history of weddings and receptions, Naomi's is the 19th