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American Bar Association SCRAPS LSAT and standardized admissions tests after woke law schools including Yale and Harvard claimed they hurt diversity


The American Bar Association voted to drop the LSAT and other standardized tests as requirements for law school admissions.

An ABA panel made its decision on Friday after noon after a committee recommended the testing requirements be scrapped because they hurt diversity in admissions.


Fuck the British Infiltrators

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Massive ‘CitizenFreePress’ News Site Suspended from Musk’s Twitter for Sharing Video of Obama Admitting Election Machine Exploits.



The heavily-trafficked news aggregation site has been suspended from Twitter for sharing a clip of former President Barack Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania in 2008, discussing potential problems with American voting machines and demanding paper trails for ballots. (CFP) was not the only account to have shared the clip, though appears to be the only one that has received a suspension for doing so. Though the video can still be viewed on Elon Musk’s platform, it now carries a warning label which claims the video is “misleading,” as well as noting that the clip can no longer be replied to, shared, or liked.


The video is still shareable from other accounts, and still available on CSPAN. But someone at Twitter appears to be trying to nuke it, at least from CFP’s account:


Obama in 2008


Voting machines and election


— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) November 16, 2022


CFP – started in 2016 by an editor who goes by the name “Kane” – attracted over 208 million page views in October, placing it above the Wall Street Journal, Politico, TMZ, HuffPo, ZeroHedge, Breitbart, NBC News, the Daily Wire, and many more news sites.


Kane told The National Pulse: “We absolutely love what Elon is doing at Twitter. We support his efforts 100 percent. We view this as an unfortunate mistake, that will hopefully be corrected, with urgency. We would like the suspension to be reversed and removed from our permanent record at Twitter, so the CFP account is not blackmarked going forward.”


“We also understand that Elon is going through hell right now at Twitter HQ, and we appreciate that he never stops fighting. He’s one of us.”


FUCK Elon Musk

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27 Counties in Illinois Pass Referendums to Explore Seccession From State


Communities throughout the state of Illinois are held hostage in every election by broken, crime-ridden, Democrat controlled Cook County.


On Election Day 2022, voters in 27 counties in the state passed non-binding referendums urging elected officials to participate in conversations focused on ending ties with the state.


In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton “won” the state. But the maps shows the majority of geographic areas did not. Millions of Illinoians are left voiceless and unable to impact state-wide and national races.

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Maxine Waters Dodges on Whether Democrats Should Return FTX Donations


House Financial Services Committee Chairman Maxine Waters (D-CA) dodged questions about whether Democrats should return donations from former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.


Waters said that Republicans and Democrats benefitted from FTX donations, saying, “Well, I don’t want to get into that. As a matter of fact, both sides, Democrats and Republicans, have received donations. So thank you.”


Waters added that the committee will hold a hearing in December to “explore exactly what has taken place” with FTX.


Sam Bankman-Fried contributed millions to Democrat candidates during the 2022 midterm elections; he reportedly donated roughly $38 million to various candidates and PACs.


Biggest Corrupt CUNT…BIGGER than Stacy Abrams

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Bankman-Frieds Alameda Research Took $370k In PPP Loans At A Time When FTX Was Valued Near $1 Billion


FTX is corrupt as FUCK

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>Corrupt SOBsGarland's Special CounselJack Smithworked in Clinton and Obama Justice Departments- he's what they are. GOP has to stop this corruption!



Superman villain

Change my mind

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>Hunter Biden's daughter Naomi and fiance Peter Neal wanted to have a 'private' wedding, White House says amid mounting questions on why press has been barred - as President's granddaughter Maisy and guests get ready for big day



Hunter becomes the hunted