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Both, McConnell, his wife, Elaine Chow and the Biden family are dangerously compromised by Xi Jinping and the CCP. "Infiltration, not invasion"-Q


White Hat Patriots in our Military have been watching over all these years. "We have it all"-Q


While itlooks really bad now, it will not get to the point where the Republic fails and is conquered. Sun Tsu was right.

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JIm Carmer is a fucking idiot. This Sam Brinkman-Fried soi boi faggot according to this moron Cramer was suppsoe to be the next JP Morgan. blah, blah, blah. Cramer has had his head up his for ass for so long he doesn't know sphincter from his bowels.

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Well, they have certainly been raising the bar in trying to provoke a civil war. No fucking doubt about it. But, they have quite the dilemma on their hands because in the Red States, the Governor will be the first line of defence, State NG ie (Militia) If that fails, then comes the County Sheriffs and then the citizenry who can be depotized by the Sheriff. If you happen to have a Constitutional Sheriff who upholds his oath. The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement offical in the county. Trumps all. Even the fed bois. The civil war they want will never, ever happen they way they want. We are not living in a 1860 era.