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Those irritating cookie permission boxes might look harmless enough, but as I collated and analyzed the tactics in use, I came to realize that most of the permission boxes were using 10 or more separate techniques just to persuade us that it was easier to click “Accept all” rather than take any other course of action:


Attentional bias to make the “Accept” option most noticeable

Coercion to block the page content until we agreed to the terms

Misdirection to hide the options for changing the permission settings so they were not easy to find

Fuzzing to make the time involved in pursuing the navigation of settings and options unappealing

Fuzzing as a human hacking technique was an interesting discovery. Fuzzing used to be a technique for pushing excessive and unexpected data into computer systems to check for vulnerabilities. However, because of the way the human mind operates, it is now also a social engineering technique in regular use to overwhelm the human mind with the impression that the level of expected effort to pursue what should be a reasonable and preferable option within easy reach will instead take a huge and unsatisfying amount of time to achieve. After all, there is rarely any option on the cookie permission boxes to “Proceed with minimum cookies” or “Reject all” – and continue to read the page.


The more I collated and understood about the techniques, the more I noticed how many of them had fallen into mainstream usage. They had become standard tactics for most large and successful organizations.


Subliminal imagery, the subtle use of particular language to slip suggestions straight into the reader’s subconscious, selective social proof, reverse psychology, the illusion of choice and even outright bullying … I thought I had some idea of how these tactics were in use to hack the human mind, especially through the technologies we use. But it turned out that even I had vastly underestimated the degree to which PsyOps have become the backbone of trillions of dollars of income.


Due to the amount of psychology I had to explore – and on the recommendation of my copy editor – I also had to enlist the help of a psychologist to ensure my exploration of how the human mind could be exploited (and defended) would not be too egregious to those that worked in that field.


So where did I end up with all that research? Was I able to identify indicators of human compromise and a human hacking kill chain? In short, yes.


It turns out that hacking humans, just like hacking computers, is indeed a process, or to be more precise, many different process options – all of which share some common components.


What each human hacking technique has in common is that they each need to get access to their human targets. But what was a real eye-opener was that just like the techniques of the advanced persistent threat, the most effective human hacking seeks to embed its techniques into our everyday lives and to go unnoticed for as long as possible.


I no longer look at content delivered through technology in the same way. I sit and pull apart the vast array of techniques packed into web pages and even emails, and I reduced the number of organizations I subscribe to and have increased my efforts to protect my identity.


This book has changed my life. It forced me to analyze and improve what I knew about making effective, persuasive arguments, and to recognize how the things that we do not think make a difference to the way we make life choices (but do) are exactly the items that are used to hack the human mind.

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MSM media shills are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

MSM media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and dozens of similar previous scandals.

MSM media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

MSM media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic in and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for MSM media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.


We the People are awake.


Justice is coming



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Nobel prize winning researcher Ivan Pavlov established a series of brilliant, sadistic, experiments, that wholesale reorganization of the human mind is a natural defense by the brain against cumulative stress.


When the brain shuts itself down the result is the loss of all prior conditioning -– all that we've learned or absorbed unconsciously over the course of our lives from satanist engineered mind control media.


TA’s FUD stress or "cognitive dissonance " is rapidly approaching the shut down point for cult media-controlled NPCs.


Pavlov’s prediction is not his best guess, it’s based on 30 years of experimental research into the effects of stress on the mammalian brain.


Pavlov commented: that the most basic inherited difference among people was how soon they reached this shutdown point and that the quick-to-shut-down have a fundamentally different type of nervous system. <<


When that critical point is reached the NPC brain scrams the higher cognitive processes, shuts down to protect itself, zeros the registers (so to speak) and reboots. According to Pavlov the human mind in this state resembles a child’s – receptive to new ideas and eager to learn new ways of thinking about old problems, enthusiastically adopting ideas to which we were formerly violently opposed.


To understand this reorganizational process at the biological level we need to absorb Pavlov's studies on fear conditioning.


Autonomous processes are not significantly affected. NPCs continue to maintain normal biofunctions, and if they taught after shut down, how to rebuild consciousness suited to Higher Worlds, recognizing the moral continuum of good evil, and adapted to nonlinear changes in material space.