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( repost from end of last bread, >>17794786 )


Tether, USDT, about to come unglued


FTX on steroids

FTX on Steroids: Is “Tether” the Biden World’s Crypto BCCI?

Tether market cap$66 billionnice round number

Crypto news site Protos rings a bell (Proto, star)

long article; 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort video in it as well

Brock Pierce, child star, child porn in Spain? Epstein connection

Tether CFO Giancarlo Devasini, was a doctor who reduced women's breasts, said "All my work seemed like a scam, the exploitation of a whim", sounds like he's continuing in that trend

"The funny thing about all of the above is that it’s all really obvious. Tether is apparently run by serial scammers. Its books aren’t open. It’s CEO and CFO refuse public interviews. The company’s unofficial spokesman is its CTO, who is just a developer."

"There is, for example, the strange coincidence of Tether being a crypto of choice for a U.S. government-backed rebels in Myanmar."

"Tether demand skyrocketed in Ukraine right after the Russian military operation began in February of this year. Ukrainian charities made appeals for Tether-based donations."

"Tether… broke just about every rule in banking."

"From all this, an alternative possibility emerges: Tether, despite being a scam, persists because for at least some portion of the U.S. government, the scam’s survival is useful, be it forintelligenceor subterranean geopolitics."

"TheCIAwas in the middle of it." (the BCCI collapse in 1991)

"After all, we learned that FTX’s disgraced founder Sam Bankman Fried played a non-negligible role in the Tether ecosystem. According to a report released barely a year ago, Sam Bankman Fried’s trading fund Alameda Research (which he allegedly stole from FTX reserves to fund) has an enormously significant business relationship with Tether"

"Tether sent almost $36.7 billion in USDT to Alameda Research."

"Thus when it comes to Tether, “Too big to fail” may very well have become “Too big to even lift up the veil.”"

TYB what a night!

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>Tell that to citizenfreepress that just kissed his ass and agreed that they should have been suspended for showing this clip of Obama.

you are wrong

Kane said Elon was doing a good job

Kane also asked Elon to look into the rogue employee

glow less

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>you have to remember elon is not self made. elon was handed everything he has by obama to produce electric cars. otherwise he would be a nobody. the fact he owns a space company and the us military doesnt shut him down tells u everything u need to know. no sane military is not going to allow private companies to possibly compete or even take a chance.

waiting with baited breath on your take on his creation of paypal