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I always wondered how a twitter bot would work exactly, let alone an army of them. So you get a burner phone for each bot acc (you need a working phone number for a twitter acc, right?) then you set up a profile on a computer somewhere (I guess you could have a bunch of them on one computer) and now (with some extra programming, I presume) you can use this profile/these profiles to automagically vote in polls and/or post things that suit your political agenda. I dunno, seems like a lot of work/hassle for not very much gain. AFAIK this poll about DJT's reinstatement came out roughly the same as people voted in midterms. So, if there are a bunch of bots, then do they exist on both sides equally? Just the need for burner phone numbers alone would make this kind of manipulation too costly for the supposed benefit imho. If Musk knows there are bots, why not just delete them? How does voting in this poll actually reveal anything? I guess it kinda just comes down to - I don't trust Musk. All these nods and winks to conservatives feel kinda hollow. Just my 2c. I might be way off.