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i jim,

anon is based in the capital of the u.k. things are getting extremely draconian here, must protect anonymity, if anon loses that, bang goes privacy and then also anons civil rights, we are in a very scary place here with the coup with rishi and hunt take over by the w.e.f, anon can keep the board upto date with news here plus help there but cannot risk breaking cover. Hopefully other bakers will step up and send emails to you.

Anon is not backing down exposing truth, no violence or incitement. you must hold the line, the board has a lot of lurkers even if we are being restricted to posting when proto is turned on.

Anon was ex brexiteer, been in this fight for nearly 10 years now before Trump even thought about running, with the digging we have done collectively on your site it has exposed the top levels including the W.E.F, Klaus schwab and his minions trained by our ex criminal pm Tony Blair who has vetted and trained the young psychopath leaders, the b.i.s including all the way up to the vatican, it is as archbishop Vigano has stated THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE with the top level controlled by the Jesuits pope and the world bank.

From what this anons research has shown, it will now take possible up to 4 years before we even get to the banksters and the Rothschilds, The midterms should have been the point but they will delay and frustrate the house for 2 moar years before the fbi and doj is cleaned out. The federal reserve must fall but they have their digital currency in place and most of that is being run out of the Southern district of new york, where the rules and regulations are being corruptly put into place.

the crypto markets all the way up to bitcoin has been a ponzi scheme to build the infrastructure, every country in the world is involved including russia and china, iran and the african nations. they want blocks of continents to govern now, Thats before we get to the vaccines, digital passports and social credit and esg.

So much to get to terms with the ordinary anon does not even understand it fully. Anon is thinking we may be the last of the real underground left who will still be able to expose the truth, but only if we go grey in real life and anonymous with multiple levels of layers of alias.