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hit carriage return at the very top. It will lower the line for the reply and the character removed will not effect the post!

I was testing if I could or couldn't post, but also the strange effect of first character erasure.


if I were to request, in an email, my reason for needing to use this site is that I've been a constant at this sight documenting events, and keeping copious notes and often I review the changes and post what I find, as well as, when I'm in an off mode, I used to battle the shill bots when I thought I was in a honey paught just to see what they were all about, or tell the newbie nameusers: by the way you only showed up at this time and weren't here before that.

but the clown-college of manakin-minded peanut gallery effect personas always claim to have been here from the beginning.

so why should I be any different?


ah, because I don't brand my presence.