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They're not making fun of gays. They're pretending to be gay.

Any humor about gays is meant to act as a gateway to normalization of homosexuality.

This clip is actually beyond the stage where gays were mocked.

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Had some thoughts about the election fraud part of the movie.

I feel so stupid for not noticing it earlier.

If vote rigging was stopped after the midterms in Trump's presidency or before when patriots took control, and the election wasn't stolen for Bidan or any other dem/rhino, the numbers of Republican voters unsuppressed would break every precedent in voting history, and it would look like Republicans cheated due to some policies Trump enacted. Optically, things could look pretty bad. So with election rigging slowly rolled out to public awareness while blamed on Democrats and Rhinos, red pilling happens on both sides gradually. As time goes on, the Russia collusion narrative is continuously and gradually holding less water.


How demoralizing is it to say "Trump won" as a Republican? You're backed by truth, but demoralized by the lack of control you thought you had in voting. Libs forced to defend a lie and continue believing in a system because they haven't been given the go codes to be outraged at it. Both sides are in it together.


Anybody know what libs actually think about current events, or are they just NPCs in idle mode?