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Dunno if White Hats are running Comey's Twatter or Cardinal Corncob's still doing it himself, but…

The schizo in me is intrigued by these two timestamps today, 10:01 and 10:02 am EST.

He's spotlighting this review for a new J. Edgar Hoover book, on the anniversary of JFK's assassination no less, holeee sheeit. Comms much?

Q1001 and Q1002 are highly relevant methinks, especially with all the Balenciaga and generalized kiddiefucker talk going on this week.





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How J. Edgar Hoover Went From Hero to Villain

Before his abuses of power were exposed, he was celebrated as a scourge of Nazis, Communists, and subversives.

By Jack Goldsmith

November 22, 2022, 6 AM ET


Who was worse though, J. Edgar or Jimmy kek?

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Pharmacology seems moar and moar like Black Magic these days for sure. As if doctors are under a spell when they push medicine, especially when you ask specific questions about it, their answers are vague and almost 'tarded. Not just money that influences them imo.


You too, fren!