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Updated 51 mins ago - Politics & Policy


Colorado club shooting suspect is non-binary, attorneys say


What’s non binary?

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Remember whatever Moses could do, the Egyptian sorcerers could do also .

Like staff turning into snake

Water turning red


The Egyptians had black magic which I am sure has been passed down by satanists

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I bet they are selling the girls?

They placed wine and champagne glasses on a table in what appears to be a little girl’s bedroom


Maybe selling by the hour

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The classical description in medical literature is of a keyhole-shaped defect. A coloboma can occur in one eye (unilateral) or both eyes (bilateral). Most cases of coloboma affect only the iris. The level of vision impairment of those with a coloboma can range from having no vision problems to being able to see only light or dark, depending on the position and extent of the coloboma (or colobomata if more than one is present).


Notable people with coloboma include actor John Ritter, model/actress Karolina Wydra, The New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, tennis player Arnaud Clément, pop singer songwriter Lachi, and George Soros. Madeleine McCann, a young girl who went missing in Portugal in 2007, does not have the condition. She has a freckle under her pupil.[citation needed] Her unique eye was a large part of her parents media appeal to find her.

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Why would Wikipedia make a point to say Madeleine McCann did not have the eye condition?

Especially after just describing her condition as matching the condition exactly, but instead call it a ‘freckle’?


A freckle under the pupil?


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Can’t wait for news tomorrow


Trump claims to be Q even though we have proven Ron Is


Trump claims to be Q to win back followers after midterm losses

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I think everyone in Media and Congress and FBI and CIA and every elite has seen Hunter’s laptop contents

Appears the public are the only ones who have not


Isn’t there CP on it?

Why didn’t Catherine Herridge mention that after Authenticating it?