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"In the end of times, you will see creatures….."


That it is correct, except that you understand different.

For me this means we are advanced enough, to see them, b/c they was always here. So satelites, night vision or infrrared camera.

So they must destroy you, b4 finding the truth.

and start over.

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This criminals, w/ very high clearance must be scared of your bible, if truth, is it?!?!?!

You are in Syria right now, stealing oil, you killed for money, those ten commands, tablets. is it?

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You must embrace the future, that it is full of unknowing that will change your mentality.

Learn from history, this is why they always change it and want to keep secret the real one.

So you never advance,

B/C that they are very scared of you knowing the truth, it means their destruction, of evil garbages.

Don't repeat the history, b/c you'll live it again.