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==George Soros isn’t dead in 2022 as fake obituaries resurface

Chaitra Krishnamurthy 59 minutes ago


obituaries resurface


American financier George Soros is the latest victim of the infamous death hoax as fake obituaries on Twitter have left people wondering if he’s really dead.


This isn’t the first time rumors have claimed that the billionaire has passed away.


And, just like George, a number of other famous personalities have become victims of similar wild claims that are backed by no proof.


We can confirm the financier is still alive in 2022.


The confusion regarding George has swept Twitter and there is more than one factor influencing it.


While we have found fake obituaries being circulated on social media that claim the billionaire passed away, people are also discussing another false obituary of George that was accidentally published by Reuters in 2013.


However, many were quick to realize this was another celebrity death hoax that “comes around more often than Christmas” after Twitter posts with the title “BREAKING: According to media reports George Soros has died earlier today aged 92 in Hungary” surfaced.



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Notables are NOT Endorsements



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