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Netflix confirms we're in a choose-your-own-adventure book!

Netflix Reveals a Series That Is Designed To Be Watched in Any Order You Choose (

Thank you, everyone!

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EU going after TikTok; tick tock?

EU Confirms Multiple Ongoing Investigations Into TikTok Data Practices

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Yeah pretty much!

Wonder if higher-selves can "read just one day" as in perhaps, "just one page"?

Of course they can.

We just keep living it like the time travelers we are - one second per second, and forward-only (for now! :) ).

Was really neat to know about high school and college, and work, way back in middle school. Similar feeling, even if that future I can now "see" is a long way off.

God bless in Jesus name.

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> >>17800091 >>17800093

> >>17800071

> >>17800033

>>>Notice the bear has different colored eyes

>>>Reminds me of that eye defect that Madeleine McCann had


>>Like this?

>Doesn't crack-head Hunter have an eye like that as well? Those kinds of eyes are prized by the sick fucks.


>That’s it

>Doesn’t Soros have it too?

yes and yes

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Turtles all the way down? (Down is very fine goose feathers, sewn into blankets, to keep us warm.)

Tokyo Residents Urged To Wear Turtlenecks To Save on Energy Bills

The shortages are world-wide, it appears. Approaching freezing. Few more weeks the tanks can roll over frozen ground.