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Are you tired of winning or are you tired of losing?

Trump has been playing defense since he took office.

First he was fighting the deep state coup.

Then he fought the scamdemic.

Then he raged against election fraud.

And all along Trump and Q tell us to cheer the little victories that temporarily hold back enemy assaults.

But when was Trump ever planning to deal a DEATHBLOW to the enemies targeted from the start?

Or is that the wrong question?


What if things had to SUCK for so long because that is how long it took to prepare an army?

An army prepared for a decapitation strike.

An army that can decode comms, synthesize complex info, convey it to others, and do it with humor.

An army ready to humiliate paid whores with fancy titles behind secure doors with fast machines.

An army of soldiers who can each act autonomously in pursuit of the common victory.

An army of anons who grasp that the only way out is to FIGHT and WIN.

Trump is a genius at creating diversion.

And Q is the drill sergeant who has prepared us for the real war.

But bootcamp is over and we made it to the big show.

Our enemies are inner weaklings who subsist on the servility they spawn in others.

But you have been given the power to destroy them.


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You have more than you know.

Think for yourself.

There is no tl/dr.

Figure it out before the enemy does.