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There is two parts to these hoaxes. The first is the actors, the second is the news reporting. They, together form an illusion. I assure you, I am not there and was not there and have no intimate knowledge of what happened at all except for the news reports and the news reports show and tell a stage previously set with actors acting. It very well may be that those police are real, but it's all being coordinated by shot callers that run these departments.


Have you ever heard of anyone saying, life is a stage. Well, there is a stage set up with producers and writers, and we are the actors that play the parts in this real life stage. Like in the movie, The Cube, we all have a life and a job, but we don't really know what our independant, compartmentalised experiences, are working for together in an overall picture, which is that we are building our own torture devices and prison and there are others who know and see the greater picture that we can't.

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Andre Bing identified as suspect manager in mass shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia


The name of the shooter in the mass shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia is Andre Bing, from Chesapeake, age 31.


Four dead include a janitor, a woman co worker and the manager whose name was Andre Bing.


At least 6 victims transported to Norfolk general and there are multiple fatalities.


People said it may have been a night manager Bing shot 3 in the breakroom and 1 in the parking lot. Manager also may have shot himself. Reports coming from people that were in the store.


This evening, police were called to a Walmart location in response to reports of an active shooter. When they arrived, they discovered multiple individuals had been killed and multiple more had been injured.


At 10:12 o’clock local time, calls were first made to the police department. During the shooting, the store was still open for business.


Police say that the suspect is one of the people who died.


A witness told FOX3: Manager Andre Bing at Walmart in Chesapeake snapped walked out & shot a lady in her head then shot another man in his head .. both dead . Then shot my homeboy dead then shot himself in the head.


FOX3 is continuing its efforts to acquire additional knowledge. At this moment, there is no information regarding the precise number of victims or the severity of injuries sustained by those who were wounded.


Outside of the business, a number of police vehicles have arrived to assist.

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Explosions in Jerusalem kill 1 and injure 15, Israeli emergency services say


One person has died and 15 others were wounded in two explosions in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, Israeli officials say. Israeli police and security officials say it was a terrorist attack.


Why it matters: Such bombing attacks are very unusual and haven't taken place for several years. It has the characteristics of attacks that happened during the second Intifada two decades ago.


Driving the news: Israeli security officials say one explosive device was detonated in a bus station at the entrance of Jerusalem.


-Israeli emergency services originally said 10 people were wounded, with two in critical condition. One of them died from their injuries, however, and the injury toll was later revised to 15, according to the Israeli emergency services.

-Shortly after, a second explosive device was detonated near another bus station in northern Jerusalem. two people were lightly wounded according to emergency services


.The big picture: The explosions in Jerusalem happened as the security situation in the occupied West Bank has continuously deteriorated in recent months.


-There has been a growing number of stabbing and shooting attacks by Palestinians against Israeli soldiers and civilians and a significant increase in the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli military raids into West Bank cities.

-The escalation has taken place on the backdrop of the political crisis in Israel and the weakening of the Palestinian Authority that is not able to assert its control on several of the Palestinian cities.

-The Biden administration is highly concerned that the Palestinian Authority is going to collapse and that the situation in the West Bank would turn into an all out Intifada.


State of play: The explosions followed a night of tensions in the northern West Bank. At least one Palestinian person was killed and several others wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in the city of Nablus.


-In the city of Jenin, Palestinian gunmen kidnapped the body of an Israeli-Druze man who died at a hospital in the city after being critically wounded in a car crash.

-The Palestinian gunmen demanded that Israel return the bodies of Palestinians who were killed during attacks and the Israel is holding.

-During the night the Palestinian Authorities security forces tried to retrive the body from the gunmen but failed in doing so, Palestinian and Israei sources say.