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normalization of incest and child rape i.e. (((inbreeding)))


Where’s Hunter-White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the Vogue coverage, growing agitated as she was asked why there was an interview and photo shoot when she had said last week there would be no press coverage of the wedding as the couple wanted a 'private' event.


Naomi Biden talks to Vogue about wedding after wanting 'private' event


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SCOTUS has denied Trump’s request to block the House Ways & Means from viewing his tax returns.


Precedent set.


: )

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'you be made to die like a dog because you are not inbred'

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'(((shekels))) are not evil, they can repair the climate that is exploited for shekels'


Biden Regime set to approve Climate ‘Reparations’ Fund @ COP27 …

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'nothing to hide' = covering ones tracks


Dr. Fauci on House GOP oversight looking into COVID: "If there are oversight hearings, I absolutely will cooperate fully and testify before the Congress. […] I have nothing to hide."

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The elephant in the room:

Elon Musk just essentially admitted that child exploitation was allowed and even promoted on Twitter before he gained control.

The stage is being set.

The truth is displayed before millions of people.

Crimes against children will unite the world.