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Biden Administration Says Saudi Crown Prince Has Immunity in Khashoggi Trial


Oil Drops on Report OPEC Is Considering Increasing Output


Saudi denies oil output hike discussion, says OPEC may cut if needed

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How the Haiti cholera outbreak started.

(A) MINUSTAH troops from Nepal were stationed in Haiti starting on October 8, 2010, and set up camp in Meille (red circle). Improper disposal of sewage led to the contamination of the Meille tributary, which connects downstream to the Latem River (red arrow). The first case of cholera occurred on October 12 along the Latem River in Mirebalais (orange circle), 2 km north of Meille. Water from the Latem River enters the Artibonite River (orange arrow), the major river that spans across Haiti, which flows downstream to St. Marc (blue arrow). The Artibonite River played a significant role in the rapid spread of cholera. During the early onset of the epidemic, reported cases were linked to proximity with the river. (B) A chronological timeline of events involving the Haiti cholera outbreak from July to December 2010.