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PF Europe-Med-Gulf: French AF CTM2046 A400m left Rzsezow Airport after a stop of about 2 hours-clean undies for Zelensky, NATO11 E-3 AWACS trackin' just NE of Rzsezow, Polish AF PLF G5 departing Iasi, Romania after arriving yesterday PF Housekeeping: That Moroccan AF G4 returned to Rabat that was at Los Angeles had a stop at Marrakesh before heading to Rabat also Swiss AF SUI008 Falcon left Teterboro and back to Bern (that was at the NATO shit on Friday at Halifax) FORTE10 Global Hawk drone off Bulgaria in Black Sea, Israeli AF 290 707 Re'em tanker-Gulf Activity: Swedish AF SVF638 G4 SE from Stockholm and RAF LION11 KC3 Voyager with roundies from Al Udeid AB Qatar and Italian AF IAM3119 Falcon 50 departed Kuwait back to Rome after departing Dhabi yesterday and Paki AF PA786 G4 just landed at Dubai with Spanish AF 4525 alos arriving at Manama, Bahrain'''

Anonymous ID: 4455d9 Nov. 23, 2022, 8:27 a.m. No.17801421   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1584 >>1612 >>1656

PF CONUS activity: AF2 arrived at Los Angeles last night from a stop at Elmendorf and Manila depart-it was NOT AF2 until if left Elmendorf-and on the outbound flight last week same thing-AF2 on depart from JBA and changed to SAM298 for remainder of trip and prior to leaving she went to Palawan Island P.I see departed LAX as SAM298 and is back at JBA-cap #2 with current activity: SAM493 G5 west and RCH3280 C-17 NW both from JBA and OXBOW34 E-6B Mercury SW from Pax River'''


On island near disputed sea, Kamala Harris says U.S. stands with Philippines

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US Oil Price Sinks 5% On Demand Concerns


US crude oil prices briefly sank more than five percent on Wednesday, weighed down by demand fears linked to disappointing US data and surging Chinese Covid infections. The main US oil contract, West Texas Intermediate, later stood at $77.32 per barrel, down 4.5 percent. Europe's Brent North Sea crude shed 4.3 percent to $84.53.

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And like the FED they will use it for their failed Treasury markets at first


BOJ eyes pilot experiments next year to issue digital yen


The Bank of Japan (BOJ) will begin preparations to conduct a pilot experiment with private financial institutions next year towards issuing a digital yen, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.


The move, widely expected, will follow two years of experiments the BOJ has been conducting to decide whether to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The Nikkei newspaper reported earlier in the day that the BOJ will start pilot experiments for launching a digital yen with Japan's three megabanks and regional banks next spring.

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>Contango and Backwardation..Russian 'price cap'..Chinese demand destruction (cause muh zero covid)


Bearish US Oil Gauge Signals Break From Physical Fundamentals


A key oil gauge again flashed oversupply signals despite US crude inventories tightening, in the latest sign that the futures market is trading out of sync with typical physical cues.


The US oil futures curve flipped into a bearish market structure known as contango for the second time this month as traders shrugged off a bullish government report showing supplies at the key Cushing, Okla., storage hub shrank to a two-month low.


Typically, the spread between barrels for first- and second-month delivery move in tandem with Cushing inventories. But expectations that Russian oil will continue to flow despite European sanctions taking effect in December, as well as weakening demand in China, are prompting traders to exit bullish positions ahead of the US holiday.


The same thing happened last week, when US crude’s prompt spread flipped into contango for the first time in about a year.


Contango can have significant ripple effects across the market. For physical traders, it could create opportunities to store oil and sell them at a later date for higher prices. For financial traders, it could lead to so-called negative roll yield, where investors tend to lose money when they roll a position forward from one month to the next.