Anonymous ID: 4c26e4 Nov. 23, 2022, 8:01 a.m. No.17801258   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1305 >>1430

>>17801060, >>17801065




>>17800314 Q Research General #21825: Anons watching through the Night Edition

>>17800319, >>17800334 Dough, baker ghosts

>>17800675, >>17800718 Note-taker notes





>>17800344, >>17800358, >>17800390, >>17800401, >>17800414, >>17800401, >>17800407, >>17800414, >>17800364, >>17800393, Virginia Walmart Shooting - Anons discuss possible comms/connections/Comey

>>17800356, >>17800431, >>17800434, >>17800436, >>17800437, >>17800633 PDJT: Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me

>>17800417, >>17800419, >>17800421, >>17800424, >>17800427 Andre Bing identified as suspect Walmart Mass Shooting

>>17800422, >>17800450 Anon on WEF Sustainability language and control - Zeitgeist Films

>>17800425 Kid Rock speaks out on potential destruction of Hang Williams' antebellum home

>>17800428 Jerusalem explosions kill 1, injure 15

>>17800444 The Nuremberg trials started 77 years ago Sunday. High time for round two.

>>17800470 @Chuck Grassley would rather vacuum than peel potatoes….

>>17800585 Biden Laptop report Deep Dive w/ Marco Polo Founder G. Ziegler (vid)

>>17800597 National Hockey League: Trans and non-binary Hockey Team.

>>17800608 Fauci on House GOP oversight: If there are hearings, I absolutely will cooperate fully

>>17800629 on Twitter CP actually being deleted now

>>17800637, >>17800643, >>17800673 AZ Election workers have no confidence that election results are honest

>>17800641 Bolsonaro files official court challenge to annul Brazil's election

>>17800651 NY democrats are blaming people feeling unsafe on "right wing extremists" and "white supremacists" instead of the fact they’re releasing violent criminals

>>17800654 Saudis to boost oil production after Biden admin grants MBS immunity re Khashoggi death

>>17800671 Doctors' Lawsuit Forces FDA to Retreat on Prescribing Ivermectin as a Covid-19 Treatment

>>17800687 Illinois Has Created No Net New Jobs In 20 Years - ZH

>>17800690 Alabama Withdraws From Democrat Operative-Controlled Voter Registration Database

>>17800696 @WeDidItOnce - Reinstate Tracy Beanz to twitter

>>17800699 Violent crime comes to previously peaceful and safe Martha’s Vineyard. And guess why

>>17800703 AZ Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh Files First Lawsuit Contesting Rigged 2022

>>17800706 CNN Stunned As Their Narrative on Gay Club Shooter Gets Crushed

>>17800712 Shareholder vote saves Trump’s Truth Social app from possible shutdown (NYP)

>>17800675, >>17800718 Note taker notes

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Anonymous ID: 4c26e4 Nov. 23, 2022, 8:04 a.m. No.17801273   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1305 >>1430

>>17801060, >>17801065




>>17800314 Q Research General #21825: Anons watching through the Night Edition

>>17800319, >>17800334 Dough, baker ghosts





>>17800717 Trump Slams Supreme Court Over Decision to Hand Over Tax Returns to Congress

>>17800722 Mohave County Arizona will delay election certification

>>17800724 Former fed prosecutor @AWeissmann defends AG Merrick Garland's appt of Jack Smith as spec counsel overseeing Trump investigations

>>17800727 Qatar's state energy company announced a 27 year natural gas supply accord with China on Monday

>>17800729 A Conversation with Liz Crokin: Kanye, Epstein, & Pritzker

>>17800730, >>17800786 Ye Tells X17 He's FREEEEEEEE After His Collabs Are Cancelled

>>17800733, >>17800735, >>17800823 General Flynn discusses Communist infiltration in our government and the Uniparty's involvement with FTX

>>17800734, >>17800737, >>17800738, >>17800739, >>17800745, >>17800748, >>17800778, >>17800782, >>17800808, >>17800970, >>17800994, >>17801005, >>17801014, >>17801023, >>17801024, >>17801025 mass shooting at a Colorado gay club that left 5 people dead

>>17800740 In the documentary State of Control, international experts express their serious concerns and criticisms

>>17800742 The Final War The 100 Year Plot To Defeat America

>>17800746 The Party Of Brazil's Bolsonaro Files For Annulment Of Election

>>17800749 The Chinese Communist Government is operating over 54 police stations in major cities

>>17800754 Cenk Uygur is having a massive mental meltdown! Falsely accuses Tim Pool and all Republicans of being pedophiles!

>>17800759 FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes

>>17800765 Nicolle Wallace, Michigan State Sen. Mallory McMorrow argue anyone who doesn't accept sexualizing society, enjoy drag queens has blood on your hands

>>17800771, >>17800917 Dr. Kelly Victory: HCQ and IVM Are Proven, Safe Drugs They Don't Just Become Unsafe in the Context of COVID

>>17800775, >>17800789 Rep. Warren Davidson R-OH is urging Congress to pass a bill he introduced last year that would ban the use of vaccine passports in the future

>>17800777, >>17800780, >>17800784, >>17800795, >>17800799, >>17800812, >>17800824, >>17801028 Dr. Peter McCullough: 'Justice Will Have to Come' for the FDA/Covid 19

>>17800814, >>17800817 Sidney Powell: Corruption In The Mid Terms A brief list of some key issues being reported

>>17800830 Inflation driving more than half of Gen Z to live with their parents

>>17800839 Six people killed in shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia

>>17800845 Arizona GOP nominee sues state election officials alleging incompetence impacted outcome of midterms

>>17800853 AG Bill Barr on Mon called for a new leader of Repub Party, warning in a blistering rebuke former President Trump will burn the whole house down

>>17800943 NOW EU Parliament declares Russia a state sponsor of terrorism

>>17800946, >>17800950, >>17800953 Cate Blanchett takes on critical race theory and gender identity politics in her new role

>>17800961 @DonaldJTrumpJr: Being anti-pedophile does not stoke hate towards the LGBT community

>>17801032, >>17801034 French billionaire Philippe Argillier claims he has four databases expose 38 individuals who run shadow government

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