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LCN Headlines 019 – Pegasus 2.0 Edition


Posted on November 23, 2022 by LCNews


News headline summaries. Copy and paste them into a website or search engine… ya dig??


World News, Events:

FBI promises to stop using Pegasus spyware forever

| No comment on Pegasus 2.0


Amid cop shortage, Philadelphia hires citizens for policework

| If you could just go ahead and police yourselves, that’d be great


Chinese Communist Party just named its domestic surveillance initiative ‘Skynet’ at you

| Sounds like they’ve got Fuck You money


House Republicans introduce resolution to audit aid to Ukraine

| More than a simple recount, I hope


Committee on Oversight and Reform releases a report on the Biden Crime Syndicate

| Just in time for Christmas plans


State Department declares immunity for Mohammed bin Salman in death of reporter Jamal Khashoggi

| Above the law, literally


Weird News:

Children can’t consent to tattoos, but mastectomies are fine, says American Academy of Pediatrics

| The American Academy of kid doctors is in favor of kid harm


US soccer trades red, white, and blue for pride flag at World Cup

| Team plays like a bunch of pillowbiters anyway


Good News:

Donald Trump gets his Twitter back

| If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it


Medical boards in Florida ban transition surgeries for minors

| Florida showing an uncommon degree of common sense


Center for American Liberty (CAL) / attorney Harmeet Dhillon file first U.S. lawsuit against surgical gender transition services

| It’s about time for regulatory clarity (ban it all)



City Journal: On Second Thought, Just Throw Plastic Away (Even Greenpeace now admits the obvious: recycling doesn’t work)

MintPressNews: Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

RealClearInvestigations: With States Hands-Off, Homeschooling Takes Off

Wall Street Journal: Messy Unwinding of the New World Order, in Charts



The Walls Are Closing In on Woke DAs by Brian Lonergan

Data-Mining Our Kids by Scarlen Valderaz

Why is the Left so Afraid of Twitter? by Alan Dershowitz

Uncovering The Economic Lessons Of Jesus Christ by Casey Chalk

How Safe Are Your Parental Rights? It Increasingly Depends On Your Politics by Paula Rinehart