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the timing of these raids and the Beirut port explosion…was that coincidental?


The FBI raided real estate offices associated with two prominent Jewish philanthropists Tuesday morning, likely in connection to a money-laundering scheme out of Ukraine that was the subject of a Forward investigation earlier this year.


The FBI searched the Cleveland and Miami offices of Optima Management Group, said Special Agent Vicki Anderson-Gregg at the FBI’s office in Cleveland. Optima is a conglomerate of companies operated in part by Chabad donors Mordechai Korf and Uriel Laber, who were named in a 2019 lawsuit that accused them of helping oligarchs launder money from a Ukrainian bank.


Korf and Laber owned and managed shell entities in the United States and bought other businesses using laundered money, the lawsuit says.

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Howls Of Outrage After New York Times Confirms SBF To Speak Alongside Zelenskyy, Yellen


And so, instead of being under arrest, SBF will instead be treated like a luminary alongside other such other Democrat icons as Zelenskyy (who according to some may have been intimately familiar with FTX fund flows in the past year) and of course the woman who along with Ben Bernanke and Jerome Powell, made it all possible by blowing the biggest asset bubble of all time: Janet Yellen.


And while we are certain that the NYT - which we assume is done writing puff pieces on behalf of SBF after it became a laughing stock last week - would be quick to mercilessly cancel and expel from its "prestigious" conference anyone who had misgendered some post-op transsexual, it is willing to give this thieving pathological liar and sociopath a forum in which to profess his innocence to the entire world, and by association with other Democrat "celebrities" such as this one…

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dub dubs




the connection between it all

Ukraine has been listed as a "major player" in human trafficking since…well, a long time, even US AID admitted so. Ukraine has been tied to organ harvesting with Israelis being arrested. Throw in the Falun Gong/Uighurs/and others like the Nygards et al, and just what manner of fresh hell has been going on world wide?

The stories touch on it but does it ever get connected all the way.


Nancy Scheper-Hughes makes arguments for the trade in human flesh beyond the labor and sexual type…