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>angel of the bottomless pit


I had testified to this here before, as part of the Revelation that the Lord of Host had revealed to me over 3 nights after serving on 911. For it is written if I ascend to the Heavens, there you are, or if I descend into Ol Sheol, there you are.


I asked the Lord of Host, who are these people in the front cave down here in Ol Sheol? The Lord said those that have sinned but will rise in 3 days or less. Then I asked the Lord of Host, who are the people in the deeper darker cave behind them down here in Ol Sheol? The Lord of Host said these are those who have spilled innocent blood while on earth, they will not rise in 3 days and will sleep even for an age, until every last drop of innocent blood is paid back.


Then I ask the Lord of Host, who are these people underneath them who have adorned their heads with regalia's and authorities? The Lord of Host said, these are those that have caused the many to stumble and spill innocent blood. These are those that will not rise from age to age, even aeon to aeon, until they have paid back all the innocent blood that they have caused all the ones above them to spill. W,hen Sheol can no longer sustain the count of these types of people Ol Sheol will cast them out into the Abyss and their souls will be blotted out of existence forever. On that day, they will surely say "It would have been better if they never existed at all", thus sayeth the Lord.