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Enes Kanter Freedom was just on F&Fs. This is his first Thanksgiving as a American Citizen. This Man knows what living without freedom means. Literally. His humbleness, his appreciation and his outright love for this country is warms my heart. When asked about filth like Joy Reid and her fellow travelers he said, "I would love to buy these people a plane ticket and take them around the world to places like Chyna, NK, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and show them just how good we have it here in America". This Man is a kind spirit with a humble soul. I would trade all of the Joy Reids and her demonic traveller in this country for more people like Enes Kanter Freedom. He loves this country so much that he legally changed his last name to "FREEDOM". God bless you Mr. Kanter-Freedom and may God bless all of us on this day of Thanksgiving. As fucked up as these filth like Joy Reid have made this country, we still have much, very much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Anons.


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Nobody would give two fucks what you do except for the fact that you assholes are hell bent on forcing your sexual ideology right down the throats of all. If you were just intent to live your life as a person, respect others as you would like to be respected and stop putting in public your sexuality, no one would think twice about you. But instead, you are insistent in forcing upon people that, which should be one's private business. And this now includes our children. You are playing with fire.