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what about sucides from those who got bad information and thought that they were going to die, but they wouldn't have?

or the mental health issues from being afraid.


the fear you try to sow is often the cause of much harm in the world. and thus your giving a 'bad vaccine' to anyone who hears your speal, and believes your worst case scinarios.

health doesn't come from a doctor, or from a vaccine.

that's the point of being given the choice.


and cures come quicker when people aren't full of fear.


you are making a problem worse, if, indeed, the 'science' you present is correct.


healthy mind, healthy body.

you feed people fear and then pretend to be concerned for their health.

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if someone is sick you speak health to them and get them to think health.

you're doing a think where they are healthy and you get them to think disease


these 'rules' of using your mind are simple: stay on the upbeat messaging and give people hope and let the Spirit work through them.


they can heal themselves through new behavior, and through meditation and prayer.


but you say 'you breathed in the wrong air and now you are gonna die'


or 'you touched the diseased man and now you will die' (like when AIDS was a big deal in the 1980s some would shun anyone they imagined touched a gay person.


so you sow fear and separation and I tell you 'there is a different path.'


take the other path.

it leads to more people being healthy in the long term.

fear mongering is dispiriting, so I request that you stop it.