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Event put on by @wpridenetwork

Performance by @itz_harlotte_bitch

Sponsors included: @tractorsupply @spacex @mclennancommunitycollege, Central Presbyterian Chruch of Waco, Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church, University Baptist Church, Flaming Baptists, Lake Shore Baptist Chruch & more


tractor supply



"Background: Waco Pride Network organizes and promotes a public, outdoor event called "Out on The Brazos" featuring a sexually suggestive agenda with drag performers, an LGBTQ dance contest and costume contest, and an "education tent" with a drag queen story hour, a "parenting seminar", sexually transmitted infection info (open to children courtesy of Planned Parenthood) and a "faith panel". They are specifically targeting our children by advertising these as "family friendly" events.


The most recent event was on Saturday, October 8th in Cameron Park. There, onstage in the heart of the public park and in front of an audience with many children, a drag performer named "Harlotte Hussy" danced in a provacative stripper style in leather short-shorts, fishnet hose and high heels while grabbing his crotch - much of which was captured on video. This happened not just once, but with multiple performers throughout the event. More info on what took place at this event can be seen at this link."