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Boy I remember a Q & A you and Trump teased, years ago, that didn't happen but you both were pointing to R. Those were heady days. You lined up several posts pointing there. Wish you had the energy to materialize your past words into reality.

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Time Travel is a natural ability of God in man.

I know this because God has time traveled me. A lot. That is how I knew from Day 1 that you Q time travel. Your vibration. Differently than me but you revel in it. God made our DNA. There are rumors that aliens messed with it. Is that true?

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The Chosen is a good series of episodes about Jesus and his disciples. Makes one think about God which is always an uplifting worthy endeavor. Live life so well, with such kindness, that one is assured Eternity in Heaven.

Walk with the Lord.

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FINALLY you start to address the reality of the deadly poisonous Vaxx and the depopulation effort. You know President Trump lost many heroic thinking patriots by bragging about the vax and telling ppl it was good? That sinks him. Very sad.