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Yeah and there are Christians gravitating to Ye because he seems to represent strong Christianity and not Evangelical zionism. I still trust Trump but I think he should be going more hardcore 2016 style

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I don't really care that Trump promoted the vaccine because obviously no one smart enough to be on the fence about it got it because of his stamp of approval. But it was annoying

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Yeah if Q was operation trust then it would have been more effective and it would have involved Trump and the election wouldn't have had to be stolen. My best guess at this point is everything was falling into place and the swamp was going to seriously start being drained in March 2020 and then the Trump admin got totally blindsided by the fake virus. At first Q was saying millions in China were dying and then months later was saying it wasn't a serious virus. Not trying to diss Q but that's what happened. The best thing about Q so far is it got a network of anons on social media together who posted antivax stuff for months and probably saved millions of lives