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Interview is 9 months old, but maybe worth revisiting as more people become aware of vaccine harms.

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If censorship got really "granular" down to the suppression or cancellation of specific social media accounts, why wouldn't other forms of targeted but seemingly invisible discrimination also have taken hold?




  1. Vaccine products targeted to certain people.

  2. Health care discrimination.

  3. Real Estate transaction manipulation/discrimination based on politics. Why couldn't nefarious actors make certain properties "unavailable" to those with displeasing politics?

  4. Collection of data on library book choices, to be aligned with other databases.

  5. Dating sites lining up patriotic and/or Christian people with bad actors?

  6. Manipulation of social media accounts (individual as well as groups, etc.) to alienate people from their friends and family.

  7. "Erasure" of people and replacement by CGI, etc.

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It is TRUE though. This reveal could actually assist in waking people up.


Anon thinks all the human experimentation via mRNA has a dual role in controlling humanity AND helping "elites" determine how best to prolong their days on this earth as it doesn't look like they will spend eternity with God in Heaven.

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Given the censorship, bots and fake accounts suggesting otherwise, perhaps Americans and others around the world are more resistant to the "narrative" than first supposed.

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Was reading old copy of Epoch Times. Part of their series on the specter of Communism. Found it interesting that they reminded readers that "freedom of speech" was designed to prevent the censorship of political speech not to enable the sharing of pornography.


Anons recall that porn mags used to be at child's eye level in places such as grocery stores? Anon recalls the smut being moved to high shelves at Walmart after Trump got into office. Not sure if it was related to Trump's election or not, but appreciated in any case.

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Interesting. Maybe like Naomi Wolf, new information will demand better decisions.


The best decision is to follow God now. Turn to Him through Jesus and live differently.


Perhaps like Paul, who repented of helping to put Christians to death and became a missionary to the gentiles.