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All true anon. And they know this which is why they use the rainbow for their degeneracy. It mocks God. Saw a video some years ago by a top comdey writer by the name of Evan Sayet. He was big time and he gave a presentation at the Heritege Foundation in 2007. It really opened my eyes as to why [These] people do what they do and say what they say. I was perpetually asking myself, why?


Saw his talk at Heritege and it fucking blew my mind. I finally knew why these people do waht they do. Mr. Sayet's presentation is brilliant. It's about 45 minutes or so but well worth the watch. I rewatch it periodically just as a refresher. It's that good imo.


u tube link is:


Mr. Sayet comes on at the 7:30 timestamp after introductions etc……….


Here is a transcript that I'm sure anons can read through much quicker.


Evan Sayet's 10th anniversery back at Heritege back in 2017. HAven't een this one yet. Gonna watch it.

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Q told all of us that the Team was less than 10. All but 3, Military. When the 2020 election was allowed to be stolen and POTUS left on the 20th, the "3" non military of the team, departed with POTUS. The others I believe are still where they were then. Gen. Paul Valely stated on a podcast, forget who's, when asked about Q he said it sounded to him like those boys up there in Northern Virginia. He called this unit the "Northern Army of Virginia" taken from the civil war days, he went on to say that it was a military intelligence operation up there of about 800 people or so.


I believe those Patriots who were part of the team are still there unless they got flushed out in some manner by Tater's people. The drops that showed up ln November and December I think were from Q as the trip code was as authentic. May not have been the exact member(s) we were accustom to with the style of communication but it was close enough for me. Could have been a member of the NAofV or one of the non military 3 still with POTUS.


The drops last Nov and Dec with the tripcode I think were authentic. Could have been from anyone on the Team. Was a little oddity about them but just the same, I think they were real. I think that Q+, Q and the others are here, monitor and sometimes post. There are some post that get drop here that have that aura about them.


When POTUS was doing more rallies last year we all saw the times where he was pointing to someone in the crowd and would drop the "Air Q". One specific time and I can't remember the venue, it was outside. Perhaps up in Michigan, the rally had finished and he was walking toward the backside of the stage on the right. He looked over to his right, whomever it was, was off camera, and gave one of the most fierce, authoritative "Air Q';s I had ever seen him do. It was forceful. Almost like he was mad af fuck about what is, was, happening to his country, his people. US. I damn near fell out of my chair it was so intentionally blatant.


I think as we get closer to 2024 the drops will start again. I also think that the 3 non military part of the team is still with him down at Mar-A-Logo. I'll leave it to anons to decide "who" I think these 3 are. As Q told us in drop #918: "Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here".


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NK Trump.PNG


I swear Trump is killing me here. HAHA He keeps putting out clues he has already talked to Kim



You are learning.

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.



One can only imagine why the gap in comms from Q has happened. Could be strategically associated with "The Plan". Could be other reasons. I "trust the plan" most days. I get frustrated that things are not happening on my timeline but I am just anon looking from the outside. In the meantime our POTUS is gearing back up and I truly believe him when he says, "The best is yet to come". "Has POTUS every said anything that eventually wasn't proven to be right"? The answer to that is a resounding NO.


Let's just hope and pray that Q+, Q & Team war gamed all this shit out and concluded, yea, the nation will be a fucking mess, but when POTUS retakes the helm we'll straighten all this shit out in good order. I don't think it's good to be on a list of "unfinished business" for President Donald J. Trump.