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Why would an entity not like an 117?

Why would they punish the consumer by raising rates with said entity?

Am I missing something or I'm just not awake enough.

Another thing, there's so much talk about Snow White , Snow White if you think about it who is asleep America is asleep it's not one person it's just a thought.

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What's with the Crayola children writing letters to people and being posted…here in magizines..

Did you ever figure out about the pickle jar and children?

There's a man who killed 70 people and tried to pickle them. The guy allegedly walks free today. I forget his name.

Bufferfly on mouth.. magazine is .. I'm not awake for this yet.

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1.America= doc



4.japan=sleepy(known for art of not sleeping)



7.saudia Arabia=dopey


Your 7 superpowers of the world. So who is snowhite

They all work in the diamond mines.

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who is Snow White? With the seven super powers come together to fight off and protect Snow White AKA would that be the Earth? That would be the only reason I could think of seven superpowers coming together despite their differences.