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I'm not sure how to meme this, but "uttering" is a crime.

If you try to use something other than coins or notes issued by a sovereign mint, then you're fucked.

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> BTW I buy 1 kg of good quality ground coffee for that price

I suspect that building our own black-market economy will become a thing. Bribing cops to "look away" will become necessary.

The way to cripple and destroy them is to stop using their currency.

For them, it was always about the money. Pic related.

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> trouble radar for some time now

Yes, I'm going over all the old stories now. Their credit downrating was notable to me at the time.

Think this guy's ring is somehow symbolic of anything?

Ulrich Koerner is the CEO, or something.

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> 9.8%

It was 9.9%


> sword

GEOTUS hold the Saudi sword. He's cutting them off.


> Everyone knew in advance, and this was planned

They're trying to suck all the wealth out of the Western world right before the collapse that they engineered.

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> put “you” in parentheses


> despicable behavior at worst and poor board etiquette at best

Given the amount of noise present on the board, I always considered it akin to shouting. Limited use, as emphasis, is acceptable.

Sometimes it's OK to shout, especially if you're working in a noisy environment.

Yeah, spamming that shit is a suck. But clicking past a couple (Yous) isn't a big deal.

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> change how voting works

Change what you are voting for.

Partisans are legal, provided they abide by the laws of war.

Laws of war allow partisans to elect their own leaders.

Forcing people to take an injection is a violation of international law. Enforcers of such a mandate are not lawful combatants.

But partisans are.

Some men are better than others.

Pics related.