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Kevin O'Leary Says He'd Invest in FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Again

O'Leary doesn't seem too bothered that SBF used $10 billion in FTX customer deposits to prop up his hedge fund.


December 16, 2022


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Calls Kevin O’Leary A Liar


December 16, 2022


Binance chief Changpeng Zhao called Shark Tank star and serial investor Kevin O’Leary a liar in a recent interview on CNBC, per a 28-second clip shared yesterday by Watcher.Guru.


“So I think Kelvin is a liar,” CZ tells CNBC. “So I think he’s lying about a bunch of stuff.”


#Binance CEO says Kevin O'Leary is a liar.


— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) December 15, 2022


The Binance chief said this, explaining that it was hard to believe that O’Leary invested money in FTX without doing due diligence. Notably, O’Leary has asserted that he did not know that Binance was an FTX investor.


O'Leary did at least one FTX youtube video but it's gone now. Of course. Kevin has been very busy eliminating a lot of his forays into finance. AND that boat wreck..

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That's their largest shareholder (9.8% held by Saudi National Bank) and who won't give them any more money


Saudi National Bank will not increase stake in Credit Suisse after shares drop

Credit Suisse’s financial struggles follow the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and could likewise have ramifications for the Middle East.


March 15, 2023


On Tuesday, the bank said that it found material weaknesses in its financial reporting over the past two years, according to multiple reports. On Wednesday, Credit Suisse’s shares fell more than 20% to a record low on NASDAQ as of 1 p.m. ET, according to market data.


Khudairy said that increasing their stake in the bank to above 10% would cause new rules to kick in from both Saudi and European regulators.


“We’re not inclined to get into a new regulatory regime,” he told Bloomberg.



BREAKING:"Absolutely" not another cent for Credit Suisse. That's what Saudi National Bank, the embattled lender's top shareholder, tells Bloomberg TV in an interview


— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) March 15, 2023


FRC is not doing well today (from the perspective of Powellread:Volker


JPM needs to be Cramer's fortress about now.