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The good news is that if Q (Real One/Fake One - don't matter) wants to drop in this bread the new Baker will have the Notables up to date and the Fresh ready to go at the soon to get here end.

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Like ahead of time before the ouster?


But, he IS the main reason PV became so hot.

The analogy is Faux getting rid of Tucker.

Both of them can make it as their own as CEOs of something new and get a solid following.

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Not all anons are ecstatic about the Wait 'Til 2025 drop.

That would change in late 2024 if PDJT (and other MAGA candidates) wins an election that had no major fuckery.

Then it will be the yeah I knew this would be how it played out era here.

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TripsSolo, I know some blue city small business owners that nip that shit in the bud.

They tell people to believe what they want, support what they want, but don't start any fights here at work with anybody if you want to stay here.

It helps that they're busy big tips establishments that people want to work for.

I pity the SBOs that have shitty low pay sucky work that has to take what they get for employees tho.

Many bring that attitude from the employers that set the standard for woke so mny SBOs have to go along to get along.