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more than 100% inflation in Argentina per year based upon the current monthly inflation.


this is how money is looted. The US is insulated while other nations are looted.

their elites are our elites are all chums.

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in your dreams Trump created a 'world' and an arrest ends it.

the real truth: there were millions who started leading lives with much lower expectations and

Mr. Trump got it, and people supported him.

If Trump hadn't been there, the millions who know how corrupt much of 'the system' is would still know.

nothing ends except the hubris of those who think that justice, and equality, hinges on one 'magic person'

seriously you're world view is one of a jaded troll.

If you make another post this bread I'll be surprised.

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not anymore, I'll give you that.

But if youstudy the monetary systems of Latin American nations you notice trends. Go back 150 years and study it, anon, into the present day.

the reason it's a 'crisis' for the 'elites' is that they understand that they are almost at the end of the line (I was going to say rope)