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#OTD in 1981, the 55th Wing lost 6 Airmen when RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft 61-2664 crashed upon landing in severe weather at Shemya AFB, Alaska.


We honor and remember the members of our Fightin' Fifty-Fifth family who died & the 18 who survived.




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🚨#BREAKING: Large Explosion with a active fire reported at a River Waste Water Treatment plant


📌#Baltimore | #Maryland


Numerous firefighters and have been dispatched to the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant in Baltimore, Maryland, in response to a reported large-scale explosion and two-alarm industrial fire were Multiple areas are on fire in the building as multiple people have been evacuated. The situation remains ongoing and is being closely monitored by authorities.

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#Recruits conduct body sparring and pugil sticks aboard


, March 9.


Body sparring simulates hand-to-hand combat and provides practical application of Marine Corps Martial Arts techniques.


#MCMAP #Military #training #martialarts

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Today’s #PhotoOfTheWeek shows the installation of a new beam dump at the Super Proton Synchrotron, capable of absorbing high-intensity particle beams with a wide range of energies – from 14 to 450 GeV. It was installed in 2020 ahead of the #LHCRun3.



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We are here to empower citizens through journalism. Subscribe & join us today!


James O’Keefe launched his new media company. Give them a follow at their new handle.

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The last "first flight" 🥹🫡


This week, the last class of student pilots completed their first flight in the F-22 Raptor. the 325th TRSS and the 43d FS train students at


but this year the mission will be transitioning to









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Justice Department Investigation Leads to Takedown of Darknet Cryptocurrency Mixer that Processed Over $3 Billion of Unlawful Transactions

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15 Mar 1493: Christopher #Columbus reaches #Barcelona, Spain after his first #voyage to America, the New World. It would be a month before he was received by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella also in Barcelona. #history #discovery #OnThisDay #ad

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Counter-terrorism police say the woman sustained "serious injuries" following the attack in Cheltenham, which happened last week just three miles from GCHQ's headquarters.


All for now.

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#DEA lab testing reveals 6 out of 10 fentanyl-laced fake Rx pills analyzed in 2022 now contain a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl. Just 2 mg of fentanyl, a small amount that fits on a pencil tip, is considered a potentially deadly dose.#OnePillCanKill