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Putting stuff in the Universe. That's the whole point. Unfortunately many anons are still constrained by the social and cultural ceilings but some that are pay grades above (and sane) listen. The universe listens. It's a good time to be anon.

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The moment I knew anons would be a big part of the movie going on in syndication now was about 8 months ago this anon worked with neighbor to give some side jobs to a homeless guy that was out of cash and trying to get to next town. Homeless (3 years) guy asked if this anon knew about Q and if it was real.

Fuck the sink. The implications ….

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The 'Q' Travelling Museum

The 'Trump in Pictures' 45 Presidency travelling Exhibition

Where is Rob Schneider? Sorbo? Eastwood? All the influentials that have access to the starving artists? Why not rock the art world, who is dying from the woke indoctrination? Hey Tim Allen, let's go on offense.