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Judge Rejects Request From Moderna, Moving Key COVID-19 Vaccine Case To Discovery

Two weeks into the future: "U.S. judge who rejected a bid by Moderna to dismiss some of the patent infringement claims against it, found dead of suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head 3 times.

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noter collector notes


#22708 >>18516220 @200

>>18516225 Self driving Tesla rain a Stop Sign within 10 seconds.

>>18516254, >>18516351 Glenn Beck on SVB

>>18516255 JW seeks signers to get a special prosecutor to investigate Bidens


>>18516289 Congress probes dozen bank accounts that enriched first family

>>18516398 Biden pushes the 'distract' button

>>18516409 DJT on Ron DeSantis delivering insurance bailout to globalist insurances companies


>>18516448 Judge who rejected a bid by Moderna to dismiss some of the patent infringement claims shot 3x in back head – SUICIDE ruled?


All in so far?

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Top Overnight News


Credit Suisse Group AG Chairman Axel Lehmann said government assistance “isn’t a topic” for the lender as the Swiss bank seeks to shore up confidence among clients, investors and regulators after a series of missteps: BBG


China’s economic data for Jan & Feb was largely inline (although pointed to improved momentum amid reopening), with industrial production +2.4% YTD (vs. the St +2.6%), retail sales +3.5% (vs. the St +3.5%), and fixed asset investment +5.5% (vs. the St +4.5%). WSJ


Japanese companies preparing to raise wages by 2.85% during the spring compensation talks that end today, up significantly from +2.2% last year and the fastest rate of change since 1997. RTRS


The cost of insuring Credit Suisse bonds against default in the near term is close to 1,000 bps, about 20 times more than for UBS and 10 times for Deutsche Bank. The CDS curve is also deeply inverted. Chairman Axel Lehmann said government help "isn't a topic." Saudi National Bank "absolutely" won't provide more assistance, its chairman said. The stock tumbled further in Zurich. BBG


The Federal Reserve is rethinking a number of its own rules related to midsize banks following the collapse of two lenders, potentially extending restrictions that currently only apply to the biggest Wall Street firms. A raft of tougher capital and liquidity requirements are under review, as well as steps to beef up annual “stress tests” that assess banks’ ability to weather a hypothetical recession, according to a person familiar with the latest thinking among U.S. regulators. WSJ


A senior Republican on the House Financial Services Committee called for the gov’t to temporarily provide unlimited deposit insurance to prevent further contagion and Rep. Maxine Waters says expanded deposit insurance is “on the table”. Politico


S&P said it doesn’t expect to place other US banks on negative watch for now as deposit outflows don’t appear unmanageable at the moment. Also, The head of one of the world’s largest asset managers called Moody’s Investors Service’s outlook cut for the US banking system “a terrible overreaction” and said regulators had reassured the market following the collapse of three lenders. “There were a lot of unique circumstances around the banks in question — both on the asset and liabilities side,” State Street Corp. Chief Executive Officer Ron O’Hanley said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Wednesday. “I don’t think it’s helpful when rating agencies treat entire sectors the same way.” RTRS / BBG


Regional bank leaders are snapping up shares of their companies’ stocks, taking advantage of a selloff fueled by the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. More than 100 executives at lenders across the US, including PacWest Bancorp, Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp. and CVB Financial Corp., spent at least $13.9 million combined boosting their stakes, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Most of the transactions took place in the past few days. BBG


FRC spoke to at least one PE firm about raising capital before the gov’t took steps Sun night to stabilize the industry and prior to securing a financing pact w/JPMorgan. RTRS


Bank of America Corp. mopped up more than $15 billion in new deposits in a matter of days, emerging as one of the big winners after the collapse of three smaller banks dented confidence in the safety of regional lenders. BBG


The Federal Reserve is considering changes to its oversight of midsized banks following the collapse of three lenders in the past week, according to a person familiar with the matter: BBG


China’s bond trading was disrupted on Wednesday morning after the regulator reportedly told money brokers to suspend their data feeds due to security concerns: BBG

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Jill Biden’s CCP’s $3M Cut,


Rep. Comer “I am not going to disclose that new name because that really changes things. Because we assumed was this was just about the President’s son and 2 brothers. But now there’s a new name.”


“That’s just the 1st wire. There are Many Many More”


Comer did not say it's Jill, just the poster's guess, ANONS DIG