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Got another one from POTUS Misspellings


Here we go again with the USGA wanting to cut the distance out of a golf ball!Remember, you still have to chip, putt, and do everything else. They really have bigger problems, like LIV. People want to feel and watch the long ball. Also, they want to see the great players hit home runs, not the singles and doubles. Length is important for Entertainment Value. LEAVE THE GOLF BALL ALONE. Balls will be mixed for years to come. What a mess. Also, allow long putters, and ball drops from past heights!

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No I didn't see it as a problem until fags couldn't stfu about it which in turn drives anime bakes to post moar & I voted accordingly but no matter Flint has made a decision & anime bakes is abiding. Now you wanna bring shit up again, rainbows are the distract/division please pfft imma start sliding the board with unicorns then. Not but you see where I'm going with this? Probably not so I'm just going to bed. Pffft rainbows are a division tactic..check yourselves & know who you are.