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Ja Morant suspended eight games for flashing gun in strip club on Instagram Live.


Anon knows nothing of sportball, but despite his current mea culpas to NBA commissioner and saying he is in therapy, do not understand why he didn't just say.

It is America, I am allowed to have this gun. Not illegal to have a gun in that club, especially since he was not drinking the night in question. He broke no rule.

Would hope that 23 year old would stand up to the overseers, but stands to lose a lot of money in the Chinese-compromised NBA.

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Close, it was to all be deposited by 01 OCT.


That Bank, IOR (Institute for Works of Religion), is physically IN Vatican City.


The decree will force Holy See institutions, including the Secretariat of State, to move their financial assets to the IOR by the end of September. The Secretariat of State is known to have had accounts in Swiss financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, through which the controversial London building investment was initially carried out.


They pulled out of Credit Suisse.

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Is theGodfather IIIthing Q told us about.

In that movie, the Vatican bank (initially funded by Rothschilds in 1800s), was up to dirty dealings.


(Spoiler alert, the recent re-do is a good movie)

Michael (Corleone) knows that the head of the Vatican Bank, Archbishop Gilday, has accumulated a massive deficit and offers $600M in exchange for shares in Internazionale Immobiliare,[3] an international real estate company, which would make him its largest single shareholder. He makes a tender offer to buy the Vatican's 25% share in the company, which will give him controlling interest. Immobiliare's board approves the offer, pending ratification by the Pope.


The scandal over the London property has convulsed the Vatican for three years and prompted Pope Francis to strip the secretariat of state of its 600-million-euro asset portfolio, which had essentially operated as a sovereign wealth fund not answerable to rigorous internal or external controls.


In a statement July 1, the Vatican said the losses incurred in the deal had been absorbed by the secretariat of state's reserve funds. It stressed that the losses didn't hit the so-called "Peter's Pence" fund that collects annual donations from the faithful for the pope's works of charity and to help run the Holy See bureaucracy.


Anons had questioned the initial purchase of the warehouse when it was completed in '18.

Did it go all the way up to Francis?

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VERY busy area. Traffic backs up for miles. Right near the transition from I-40 going west to California, and people turning north to Las Vegas.

Basically the only major highway intersection from Northern Arizona.

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Youngest was telling me about usury in Muslim banks. You pony up 20%, they own the other 80, you buy back shares, but there is no charge for the money.,5753,-1030,00.html

When and why did the Christian Church stop viewing usury as a sin?

The taking of interest was forbidden to clerics from AD 314. It was strictly forbidden for laymen in 1179. The beginning of the end as far as the total ban on interest was concerned came in the sixteenth century. Although Luther and Zwingli still condemned it utterly, Calvin and some progressive Catholic thinkers such as Collet and Antoine argued that interest-taking did not constitute usury, as long as it represented the real difference between the value of present and future sums of money, and was not mere extortion. The Catholic Church still forbids usury, meaning extortionate charges, providing penalties in c2354 of the Code of Canon Law, but this does not mean that all interest-taking is sinful. The Vatican itself invests in interest-bearing schemes, and requires Church administrators to do likewise.