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And just how much of the deposits can the banks take? Probably whatever they want.

Amount of the money they can take of the deposits I used to pay off my mortgage? 0.

People would be wise to get out of debt as much as possible, and not to have a lot in the banks to lose.

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Trump and the mil needed to end the needless war in Afghanistan. Both for the senselessness of it, and because they needed the personnel here. So they let bidan complete the withdrawal, and make bidan look like a fuck-up in the process.

Now they're doing the banks.

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Why bank of America, wells Fargo, etc still exist is beyond me. Anyone with an iq over 50 should have gotten their shit outta mega banks after the collapse of 08/09. You know. When they had to throw a 750billion dollar TARP over it instead of looking into it and fixing it?

Smaller banks, credit unions, cash, gold - and have multiple accounts so at least if 1 bank gets torched you only lose a portion, not everything. Diversification, people.