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Break out the crayons for me.

Wtf does grammar have to do with prep?

There was a post from Q that talked about preparation. Once "started" it would take "6 Months to Complete". "10 days of darkness", "supply chains", etc.

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>A combination of standard filters in Photoshop, most importantly Shadows/Highlights, generally highlights all the way down, color all the way down, midrange all the way up. Then adjust with Curves and Hue/Saturation.

Screen cap your process. Reveal your skills!

I had 100+ skins and plugins for my Photoshop 7 and then my virus scanner ran and cleaned out all the cracks I had for them. years agoโ€ฆ kek

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Our minds act as tuning forks.

Right mind is spacial, Eastern Gate, where God resides.

Left mind is Linear logic, time, space, and matter.

Connected via the Pineal gland.

Why is the Pineal so important? It connects us to the Universe.